Join the Hustle and Bustle of Holiday Shopping on Black Friday

Join the Hustle and Bustle of Holiday Shopping on Black Friday: Get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping deals. Analysts expect consumer spending this holiday season to be up slightly from last year. That means whether you plan on heading to Best Buy to score a new plasma HDTV or Toys R Us for something called Stinky the Garbage Truck, you could be facing bigger crowds.

The annual holiday spending survey by the Consumer Federation of America found that 10 percent of participants said they would increase their holiday spending this year. The U.S. Commerce Department says spending is already up, with ?h?ousehold purchases advancing 0.4 percent in October.

Westfield, the county’s largest owner of retail space would not release mall-specific sales information for its seven shopping centers but did say people are ready to shop.

“From customers, we are hearing that value is still an important consideration but there is also a sense of pent-up demand,” said Michele Predko, regional marketing director for Westfield in San Diego.

Predko added that industry trends are predicting both an increase in number of shoppers and higher sales for this year.

“Although cautious, we are hopeful and optimistic. Customer traffic has been stronger and continues to build and our retailers are working very hard to make this holiday season a success,” she said.

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